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Biblical Stewardship 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father.

   -James 1:17 NIV

   Biblical Stewardship. . .those principles laid down in the Word that encompass every gift given us.  Not just our spiritual gifts and our individual talents, but the gifts of family, work, laughter, learning, friends, money, love; in fact, the gift of every moment and every breath of each day. 

This stewardship that encompasses all gifts and the whole of life, we describe as

We are compelled to join our efforts with others, individuals and organizations, to endorse and support the movement of stewardship.  In the restoration of stewardship to its rightful place in the walk of God’s people, large projects are often important as we seek to impact the Kingdom through the stewardship movement. 

Importantly, the restoration of stewardship is often wonderfully accomplished one family at a time. Contact us for a referral to a Life Stewardship™ Adviser who can serve you and your family.


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